Material Differences

For manufacturers, there are many benefits to having an authorized dealer program.  It allows them to have a lot of control over who sells their products.   The benefits of this are numerous.  One huge advantage is an improvement in the consumer's buying experience.  This has been shown over and over to have a huge effect on perceived brand va Read more

Mapping out a MAP policy

If you are just thinking about starting a MAP program it might seem overwhelming at first but it is actually pretty simple.   At the end of this article I will link to some MAP policies you can read to get a better handle on it but here are the basics.  Make sure it is legal. We are not attorneys over here so we always recommend getting a Read more

Wholesale Distributor Pricing Policies

We have many manufacturers ask us about enforcing a pricing policy with their wholesale distributors.   While this is not something we can easily enforce, I wanted to give some advice on how it might be encouraged. First the problem: The WDs have a lot of discretion in the prices they give their clients.  We here at MAP Services Corp began as Read more

Moving your policies overseas

We've been adding a lot of clients in Europe recently.  And with this expansion, there has been a lot of learning!  I thought it might be a good idea to share some of this knowledge in case your sales are expanding overseas. The first thing to know is that unless you are lost, you can not mention MAP in Europe.  Throughout Europe, it is verbo Read more

Common Pricing Policy Pitfalls

Have you ever pulled out your smartphone in a store to check online prices? I have. Dealers hate when customers walk into the corner of the shop and pull out their smartphone.  The next question is always “Hey I can buy it for cheaper online, can you match this price?”  Or worse they just walk out. “I have overhead and employees! Read more