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Choosing your MAP monitoring and enforcement provider

Like any service provider, choosing the right MAP enforcement agency can be a daunting task. Most map providers give you a user portal, which is really a glorified version of the DIY program you’ve likely attempted in the past.

If you were struggling with a manufacturing process, would you pay to “upgrade” to a system that offers marginal improvement or would you look for a complete solution to your problem?

When evaluating MAP providers, ask yourself these questions.

  • Are you saving time or redirecting it to a different process?
  • Do you need to learn another piece of software?
  • How do you/they handle non compliant sellers?
  • How do you/they find phantom sellers?
  • Who answers seller disputes and inquiries?
  • Who vets violations to ensure against false positives?
  • Is it cost effective to monitor and enforce your full line?
  • How are updates, changes and price increases handled?
  • How much customer support is included?

If you can relate to any of these questions, you owe it to yourself to partner with MAP Services Corp for a cost effective, easy and painless way to MAP compliance. Our clients average a 95%+ compliance level without lifting a finger!

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Preparing for the holidays.

Yea, yea, its only September, but you can never be too prepared to make sure you have a record holiday season!

Update your data service(s).

Your data service(s) should be the source of your master data and ensuring they are all sync’d and sending the same data set should be a priority. Not having all data sources sync’d is the single most common source of bad information. We’ve all mistakenly released incorrect product data and have been haunted by the resulting confusion for longer than we care to admit.

Best practice is to provide 45-60 days notice before the effective date, so start working on this now.

Start MAP monitoring and enforcement

Now is a great time to start your MAP monitoring and enforcement as well. Stabilizing the market value of your products will create a strong environment for your sales teams to place product on shelves, sign up new customers and successfully implement sales programs just in time to capitalize on this selling season.

Learn about our services here. If you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro, our Do-it-for-Me monitoring and enforcement is a quick and easy path to MAP compliance.

Melissa Parker-Boudreau

ORACLE Lighting National Sales Manager

We had a recent success that we wanted to share and asked Missy to share the experience. Here is her account.

“ORACLE Lighting recently switched to MAP Services Corp to assist monitoring and implementing our MAP Policy. We were pleasantly shocked at how quickly their team worked to implement our MAP policy and correct listings. With the help of their team, we found a repeat offender, completed a secret buy, and found their information quickly. From there we were able to remove over 4,000 listings that were in violation of our MAP policy. In today’s world of fast paced ecommerce, having a reliable and effective company should be important to everyone. ORACLE Lighting highly suggest MAP Services as your partner to mitigate this.”

Let us help you create MAP success stories. Give us a call or book an appointment and get started today.

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Besides monitoring and MAP policy enforcement we also develop a healthy relationship with your compliant sellers.