You and your team work hard for your clients and your customers providing a valuable service helping them grow their businesses. Wouldn’t it be great to offer a single product that can be sold to both manufacturers and warehouse distributors? A product that never has defectives, never has shipping delays and is something both clients and customers will thank you for.

Sound too good to be true?

At MAP Services Corp. our research services have been widely requested and used successfully by many companies to view and analyze market conditions. We are now offering this as a service to both warehouse distributors and manufacturers as tool to help them streamline market evaluations, provide market clarity and in the case of a WD, ultimately add the brands you represent.

This exciting new service allows a client to see at the brand level:

Price policy compliance

• Market Saturation

• Channel Visibility

• Product Market Valuation

• Realized profitability potential

The service is provided as a one time or scheduled evaluation. For those with the need for multiple or ongoing snapshots we offer volume discounts. Please take a moment and review our program flyer attached to this email.

I would like to schedule some time to discuss this exciting new service in more detail.

We’re so confident that this program will be well received, we’re paying a $100 stipend per client you sell the service to.

We’re happy to extend this stipend offer for any of your manufacturers who signs up for our full service MAP monitoring and enforcement.


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Besides monitoring and MAP policy enforcement we also develop a healthy relationship with your compliant sellers.