First and foremost, Midway Industries and Centerforce are proud to be a three-generation family-owned business. A true family-run and operated company; headquartered and manufactured exclusively in Prescott, Arizona, Centerforce products can be found around the world and in just about any type of vehicle. Commitment to creating the highest quality and most innovative products available, Centerforce clutch systems are the performance enthusiasts first choice and can be found on leading OEM and customized vehicles worldwide.


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2023 MAP Policy
(Minimum Advertised Price)
Effective January 1st, 2023 – Supersedes all previous versions

MAP Program:

Midway Industries, Inc. (“Midway”) designs, develops, and manufactures Centerforce® Clutches, Dual
Friction®, DFX®, SST, DYAD® DS, DYAD® XDS, TRIAD® DS, and TRIAD® XDS Multi-Disc clutches, along with
flywheels and other accessories to the highest quality. In order to protect the value and integrity of the above
stated product lines; Midway has implemented a Minimum Advertised Price (“MAP”) program. This program
is designed to prevent price-based advertising that erodes the name and reputation of Midway and related
products. In addition, our MAP program protects authorized distributors by giving everyone an equal
opportunity at available business and allowing customers to choose based on quality of service and other
competitive factors.

MAP Participation & Benefits:

All Midway authorized dealers and distributors (direct and non-direct) in the United States and Canada are
required to participate in the MAP program in order to use any of the following Midway intellectual property
rights in connection with advertising, sale and other promotion(s) of Midway products (the “Midway IP”).
Midway IP includes the registered trademarks Centerforce® Clutches, Dual Friction®, DFX®, DYAD® DS,
DYAD® XDS, TRIAD® DS, and TRIAD® XDS trademark; as well as logos, images, part numbers,
descriptions, advertising copy, written promotional strategies, drawings, specifications, test results,
instructions, videos, vehicle application data, and any other marketing information or promotional materials
containing the Centerforce® Clutches, Dual Friction®, DFX®, SST, DYAD® DS, DYAD® XDS, TRIAD® DS, and
TRIAD® XDS trademarks. Direct customers receive an Authorized Dealer Marketing Allowance discount
which is 5% and is already included in the final price for product.
Note: This policy will be applied to all current and future product and IP for Midway Industries, Inc.

MAP Pricing Level:

All Midway products (Except Special Order Items with Pop Code “W”) are to be advertised at or above the
MAP level effective as of the run date(s) of the advertisement. “Add to cart”, “Click to see price”, “Instant
Rebate”, “Publicly Displayed Coupon Codes” and any other advertised discount that cause the advertised
net price to drop below the MAP level are considered violations. A MAP price file is available upon request
by emailing Midway refers to “RMP” Retail Map Price for the MAP price
column in all data provided by Midway. Please understand and do not confuse advertised price with selling
price. Dealers may sell for whatever price they choose in a face-to-face retail location, over the telephone,
or in response to a consumer inquiry. Dealers are entirely free to set their own transaction prices for any
and all Midway, Inc. products.
This program/policy applies to all forms of public or customer advertising including but not limited to
television, radio, print advertising, catalogs, letters, coupons, internet advertising, email, solicitations,
websites, social media, or online auctions.


Midway product advertisements are monitored by MAP Services Corp [see] . MAP Services Corp is directly involved with the actions taken towards
dealers, distributors and unauthorized resellers which are in violation of Midway’s MAP program. Midway
reserves the right to take all unilateral actions it deems appropriate to maintaining desired distribution
channels and protecting the historic value of our brands. This may include (with or without prior notice),
suspension of IP use rights, requiring take down of all advertising violations, loss of authorized dealer status,
authorized dealer benefits, and being placed on a Centerforce “Do Not Sell List”. Violations and Midway’s
unilateral response may include but are not limited to the MAP violations and actions described in the
Authorized Dealer Program. For more information on this program or becoming an authorized dealer please


1. Special order or none stocking products marked with the Popularity code of “W”
2. Event specials and other coupon codes that are not presented to the public online.
3. Brand wide sale periods, predetermined dates where Centerforce suspends MAP such as Black Friday.
4. Agreed upon sale dates between Centerforce and the seller in writing

Midway Industries, Inc. reserves the unilateral rights to modify, extend or discontinue this MAP policy at any time and without
notice. For the current and enforced policy please contact

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Besides monitoring and MAP policy enforcement we also develop a healthy relationship with your compliant sellers.