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Today, HMF is a leading worldwide supplier of performance exhausts for the Powersports Industry. Pushing the limits in our research and development is how we come up with new ways to solve the needs of off-road riders. HMF is on the front line of Powersports engineering to keep riders, like you, moving ahead towards the next adventure.


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Thank you for your interest in HMF’s Dealer Direct Program. The Advertising
Guidelines Agreement includes all the instructions required to properly advertise
and promote HMF products.

Advertising Media

The advertisements and promotions discussed in this document are related to any one of the
following advertising mediums.
● Print advertising: not limited to newspaper, magazines and multi-page inserts.
● Broadcast advertising: not limited to radio, T.V. public or cable sponsorships.
● Direct Mail: not limited to catalogs/inserts, fliers, newsletters and broadcast faxes.
● Email blasts: ANY promotional email originated from the reseller or website that is linked
to the email are considered part of the same advertisement.
● Internet advertising: ALL areas of the website above the shopping cart level, such as banner
ads that click through to a website, forums, Dealer/Distributor web links, Mail-order
businesses that offer covered products, internet only e-retailers, online services and portal
sites that advertise covered products, shopping sites and pricing search engines that
advertise prices on covered products and auction sites with a minimum or starting bid
below the MAP.

Advertised Pricing

HMF Racing employs and enforces both a Minimum Advertised Price and a
Minimum Suggested Retail Price to encourage our resellers to promote and invest in
the effective marketing and sale of HMF.

MAP Minimum Advertised Price

The Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy establishes pricing standards for all applicable
consumer advertisements of HMF products. It applies equally to a reseller’s organization. Each
reseller is responsible for compliance with this policy. Violating any component of this policy, HMF
Racing LLC (HMF) may take appropriate action regarding the violations.

HMF has the right to make its own unilateral decisions regarding the composition of its reseller
network and HMF reserves the right to discontinue or take action with respect to any reseller that
fails to adhere to this MAP policy. HMF reserves the right to add, change or delete the MAP policy.

MSRP Minimum Suggested Retail Price

The Minimum Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) is in place for all HMF products. Any advertised price
promoting any HMF product must be sold at MSRP. It is a Map Policy Violation for any reseller to
advertise a product identified with a MSRP at a price less than MAP. Please refer to our MAP Price
located on the HMF Price List or your HMF Dealer Portal. MSRPs may be amended, deleted or
added by HMF at any time as its sole discretion.

MAP Violations

Violations that would be considered breaking MAP Policy are listed below and are strictly
prohibited. These MAP Violations also apply to any activity which HMF determines is designed to
circumvent the intent of this policy.

● Selling on Third-Party Marketplaces: (unless approved)
Any HMF products sold over the internet or any interactive electronic network with prior
written approval from HMF will result in immediately being placed on our DO NOT SELL

● Amazon
● Google Shopping
● Microsoft Shopping
● eBay
● Facebook
● Walmart
● Auction/Discount websites

● Additional Discounts                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Rebates, coupons, gift cards, or other incentives resulting in immediate price reduction that
is an Advertised Net Price* (ANP) less than the MSRP.*
○ ANP is the reseller’s offered price less the value of any advertised discounts, rebates..etc.

● Combining products with ANP less than MSRP
(“Bundling”) that implies an ANP lower than the MSRP.

● User Event Pricing
User Generated ANP (“Drop in Cart pricing”, Click to See pricing) less than MSRP.

MAP Violation Actions

HMF does not intend to do business with dealers or resellers that compromise the brand,
reputation and competitiveness of HMF. In most cases, HMF will respond to violations of this MAP
policy accordingly:

In the event HMF finds a reseller in violation, a notice will be sent alerting you of said
violation. You will have 2 business days to become compliant.

After the 2 Violations or 2 business day of not being compliant you will be added to our
“DO NOT SELL LIST” for 30 Days

This will result in the reseller being added to the “DO NOT SELL LIST” for 90 days

This is the final violation and will result in the reseller being added to the “DO NOT SELL
LIST” indefinitely. In addition, All HMF art work, graphics, photos or text that relates to our
products cannot be used.

MAP Allowances

A list of allowances that offer advertising and promotions without breaking the MAP Policy.

● Combined products equal MSRP Kits and bundles are acceptable providing the ANP is not
lower than the MSRP
● Free Shipping and Free handling does not break MAP Policy.
● Free Financing and Free non-HMF merchandise does not break MAP Policy.
● Service Incentives such as installation, tech support, maintenance is accepted.
● Store-Wide Promotions/Discounts on all items, as long as promotion is a limited time and
HMF products are not separately identified.
● HMF Discounted / Discontinued items do not follow the MAP Policy.
● HMF Temporary MAP Suspension HMF reserves the right to implement a MAP Holiday to
temporarily allow sellers to sell below the MAP pricing.

Third Party Marketplaces

Dealers are not allowed to sell or offer HMF products on any third-party platform or marketplaces.
See MAP Violations.
If you receive approval to sell on any third-party site and, you will be required to place a stocking

● The stocking order may be placed direct or with any of our distributors
● The stocking order must ship directly to you and have a minimum of $15,000.00
● Email the stocking invoice to or proof of order
● Upon receipt of invoice, HMF will send a final written approval notice confirming all
requirements have been met.
● The approval is valid from the date you receive the letter until Dec. 31 of the following year.
A new application and stocking order will be required for the next year.



By signing below, the dealer/applicant agrees to all of the above terms and conditions.
Print Name                                                                     Title
Signature                                                                         Date

Products that are not identified with an MSRP are not covered by this policy.

It is a violation of this MAP policy to include any advertising at additional discount, rebate, coupon,
gift card or other incentives that would result in an immediate price reduction that is an Advertised
Net Price (ANP) less than the MAP. ANP is defined as the reseller’s offered price less the value of
any advertised discounts, rebates..etc.. It is also a violation of this MAP policy to indicate in
advertisements that an ANP lower than the MAP is available. Examples of such unauthorized
advertisements include “Drop in Cart” pricing, “Click to See” pricing. Advertised price must always
be at MAP or higher. Free shipping & handling, or free financing promotions does NOT violate the
MAP policy.

HMF Racing LLC (“HMF”) does not limit the price at which a dealer sells our products

Where HMF products covered by this MAP policy are sold as part of a package that include
other products, including free or discounted items whether HMF or other manufacturer is in
violation of this MAP policy to advertise the package at a price lower than MAP.

HMF Management is the only team to authorize and communicate MAP policy updates, changes
and decisions regarding violations. HMF reserves the right to implement a MAP Holiday as to which
enforcement will be temporarily on hold and sellers may sell below the MAP pricing.


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