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In 1988, a young entrepreneur named Ron Delgado was working late into the evening – trying to find a better way to polish products for his family “job shop” business. At the time, most machines only polished along flat surfaces. But when Ron had the idea for a multi-axis machine – which could polish better and faster than anything he had used before – he was determined to make it a reality.

What began as a mission to perfect the art of polishing soon grew into a full-fledged quest to develop industry-changing design and manufacturing solutions. And, in 1991 – as the demand for high-quality aftermarket air induction products began to reach scale – Ron knew he had found an opportunity to make his mark on an industry he loved.

Launching Injen – with a pioneering patent that allowed enthusiasts to achieve better performance from their vehicles without annoying “Check Engine Lights” (CEL’s) – Ron and his team have never wavered from their commitment to innovate and deliver products that solve for the increasingly complex nature of vehicles brought to market.

Nearly three decades later – with several more patents developed and applied to several thousand new products – the Injen brand has become a household name among enthusiasts who demand high quality, dyno-proven solutions for their vehicles.

As we continue to grow – expanding into new market segments and to further regions of the world – the Injen team holds steadfast to the vision of our founder with innovation that transforms the look and performance of your vehicle.


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Injen Technology recognizes its prime resellers invest time and considerable resources to deliver an
outstanding customer service experience through knowledgeable staff and compelling marketing programs in the
United States and/or Canada. Injen Technology’s Unilateral Pricing Policy is designed to help Injen’s Authorized
Resellers maintain the long-term strength of the Injen Technology brand equity by helping their resellers earn the
necessary profits required to maintain the highest level of customer service and buying experience for the end user.

Injen Technology takes great pride in being recognized as one of the most admired and sought-after brands
in the automotive performance aftermarket. The products manufactured and sold by Injen Technology are of high
quality with a premium image earned through extensive product and market development and superior customer
service. There are dealers that sell Injen Technology products that have taken advantage of this fact by advertising
and selling Injen Technology products with unfair discounts to the end user. We believe that Injen’s Unilateral
Pricing Policy, more fully described below, will allow Injen’s Authorized Dealers to profitably market and
effectively promote the value of Injen products without fear of diminished margins.

In an effort to help protect the reputation of the Injen Technology brand and protect the investment of those
Authorized Dealers that provide valuable services to end users, Injen Technology Co., LTD, effective as of March 1,
2017 (the “Policy Effective Date”), has unilaterally adopted by unilateral policy a Unilateral Pricing Policy (UPP)
(the “Policy”) that establishes a minimum resale price (“Minimum Resale Price” or “MRP” and referring to either
the singular or the plural or both, “MRP(s)”) for each Injen Technology branded product (“Product” or “Products”)
sold by the Injen Technology Co., Ltd — a price below which Dealers may not electronically or in print media offer
or sell such product.

This UPP has been unilaterally adopted by Injen Technology. Injen Technology neither solicits nor will it
accept assurances by any reseller of acquiescence with this UPP. Nothing in this UPP shall constitute an agreement
between Injen Technology and any reseller of compliance with this UPP. The reseller, within its own discretion, can
choose to acquiesce or not acquiesce with this UPP. Injen Technology will not discuss conditions of acceptance
related to this UPP. This UPP is non-negotiable and will not be altered, modified, or amended for any reseller.

This UPP does not restrict a reseller’s right to establish independent advertised and/or resale prices of Injen
Technology Products. Injen Technology reserves the right to determine whether a reseller has advertised Injen
Technology Products at a net advertised price less than the minimum advertised price established in this UPP.
Upon such determination, Injen Technology may, without assuming any liability, cancel all orders and may
indefinitely refuse to accept new orders from the reseller.

Please note that following the actions of another reseller is not an exception to this UPP and will be
considered non-acquiescence.



• Each Dealer or Reseller is free to determine its own resale prices.
• The Policy establishes a minimum resale price for each of the Products.
• Injen Technology will revoke the authorization of the Dealer or Reseller to purchase the Products if a Dealer or
Reseller offers, sells or provides a product, as follows:

(1) at less than its minimum resale price
(2) resells to any reseller on Injen’s Do Not Sell (DNS) list
(3) on auction websites utilizing the auction or bidding feature (regardless of price or arena).


The Minimum Retail Price for Injen products are clearly listed on the Injen price sheet under MRP.

The Policy applies to each product for which a MRP Price is specified in the then-current price list(s) or product
list(s) provided or otherwise made available to an Authorized Dealer by Injen Technology or otherwise
communicated in writing or electronically by Injen Technology to such Dealer (individually, a “Covered Product”
and collectively, the “Covered Products”). At any time, Injen Technology may vary the Minimum Resale Price for a
Covered Product or add to or delete any or all of the Covered Products, which may, among other things, be based on
whether such product(s) is or are offered or sold under or subject to one or more select Injen Technology program(s)
or any other Injen Technology policy or in any other situation announced by Injen Technology from time to time.
Injen Technology will endeavor to provide prior notice of each new MRP or such change in the Covered Products,
generally not less than five (5) days in advance. While Injen Technology will communicate each MRP and such
change through the price list(s) or product list(s) provided or made available to each Dealer by Injen Technology or
otherwise communicated by notice from Injen Technology intended for such Dealer, each Dealer is responsible for
making sure that it is aware of the appropriate MRP(s) and the Covered Products in each circumstance.

As indicated in the Policy, parts of the Policy may also apply to other or all Injen Technology products, but only
each of those for which Injen Technology has specified a MRP is a “Covered Product.”


Every Injen Authorized and non-authorized dealer is free to independently determine the price at which it resells the
Injen Technology product line.


Every Injen Authorized and non-Authorized dealer is free to independently determine the price at which it advertises
the Injen Technology brand of products. Injen Technology has decided, however, that it will not provide any
benefits under its Authorized Dealer Program to dealers that are in non- acquiescent with this Unilateral Pricing
Policy. An authorized dealer that is non- acquiescent with Injen’s Unilateral Pricing Policy will result in expulsion
from Injen’s authorized dealer Program and the ineligibility to purchase Injen Technology products from any of
Injen’s authorized distributors. Injen non-Authorized dealers that are non-acquiescent to the Injen unilateral pricing
policy will also be ineligible to purchase Injen products from Injen’s authorized distributors and will immediately
remove any and all IP owned by Injen Technology Company, Ltd. All violators of Injen’s unilateral pricing policy
and/or Authorized dealer program will also be placed on a “Do Not Sell” list posted online. This list will also be
delivered to Injen’s entire distribution network.

o Please note that eBay stores (or similar stores) are allowed, as long as Injen’s Unilateral Pricing Policy is not violated. Please note that Auctions are a direct violation.


All products manufactured and distributed by Injen Technology are considered MRP products and are subject to this
Unilateral Pricing Policy.


All product listings must include Injen Technology’s assigned part number. The part number should be prominently
displayed, easily visible, and accurately represented in a minimum of one of these locations.

• Listing title
• Description, and/or any relevant fields or attributes.
• The part number must be consistent across all listings and should not be altered, modified, or replaced with
alternate identifiers.

By implementing this mandatory use of our part number in all listings, we aim to streamline our internal processes,
enhance product identification, and provide a consistent experience for our customers. Adherence to this policy will
contribute to improved efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction across all sales channels. The omission of our
assigned part number in a listing will be considered an attempt to circumvent our unilateral pricing policy and will
be considered a violation.


Reseller shall only sell Injen Technology branded products at the reseller’s retail store, reseller’s mail order catalog,
reseller’s Internet website, or at retail booths operated by the reseller at automotive, motorcycle, ATV or UTV events
such as races, rallies and shows.

Selling or listing Injen Technology branded products on third party sites (i.e. Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc.) is
strictly prohibited without prior approval and written permission by Injen Technology.


This Unilateral Pricing Policy will apply to all Advertisements (defined below) of MRP Product(s) by a Reseller,
including, without limitation, in-store, out of home, print, and online.

• “Advertisements” is defined as any and all advertisements in all media including, but not limited to, inserts,
newspapers, magazines, catalogs, public signage, billboards, any other print media, television, radio, email, internet websites or other ecommerce, flyers, posters, coupons, brochures, any use of hypertext
transfer protocol or internal links to a web based shopping cart and any other electronic media.
• All advertisements of MRP Product(s) must include the Injen model name and a price at or above MRP.
• At no time may the Reseller make any statements or other indications on its website in connection with any
MRP Product(s) that indicates or implies that a lower price may be found at the online checkout stage,
including, but not limited to, the following:

o “Click here for lower price”
o “See Price In Cart”
o “Log-in for price”
o “Add to Cart for Lower Price”
o “Check Cart for Lower Price”
o “Mouse over for Price”
o “Email for a better Price”
o “Call for Lower Price” or “Call for Price”

• MRP products may only be advertised as standalone products and may not include any promotional
allowances (e.g. rebates, coupons, free premiums, reward program offerings, etc.), except for Injen
authorized promotions (e.g. manufacturer’s rebates).


Used equipment can be advertised below the designated MRP so long as the Reseller clearly and prominently
discloses that the product is “used equipment” and/or “Open Box”. Injen defines used equipment as product
obtained by the Reseller through customer return, customer trade-in, demo units, or other means.


Injen may engage in monitoring of advertised prices of MRP Products, either directly or via the use of third parties.
Third parties retained by Injen may engage in monitoring of Authorized Dealer advertisements and website
advertising including, but not limited to, review of advertised prices.


Any advertisement(s) or sale that is non-aquiscence with this Unilateral Pricing Policy.


All sellers of Injen Technology branded products must adhere to the Unilateral Pricing Policy (UPP) when
advertising or promoting products or services covered by our UPP and our reseller policy. This includes ensuring
that the minimum resale price does not fall below the specified MRP price. This includes the “net adjusted” price
after any Amazon funded discounts.

Sales directly to Amazon:
Under no circumstances shall a warehouse distributor or a reseller sell to Amazon directly. All sales to and/or on
Amazon are strictly prohibited without prior written approval under Injen Technology’s Internet Reseller Agreement.

Amazon Funded Discounts:
Discounts provided by Amazon to sellers of the Injen Technology brand of products as part of a promotional
program or partnership are not allowed if the net adjusted price is below our specified MRP price on that product.

Inclusion of Amazon Funded Discounts:
When calculating the minimum resale price, any Amazon funded discounts should be considered as part of the
overall discount (Net Adjusted Price). The final advertised price, after applying the Amazon funded discount, must
still comply with our MRP requirements.

Amazon Monitoring and Enforcement:
Our enforcement team will monitor compliance with our UPP policy, including the inclusion of Amazon funded
discounts. Any violations will be addressed promptly and may result in the loss of ability to purchase Injen
Technology branded products.


This policy and the Injen Product list may be modified, extended, suspended, discontinued, or rescinded in whole or
in part by Injen Technology only at any time. Injen Technology will not discuss any conditions on the acceptance of
this policy. Additionally, Injen Technology neither solicits, nor will it accept, any assurance of compliance with this

No person other than the policy administrator is authorized to answer any questions, modify or grant exceptions,
comment on, or accept any information regarding potential violators of this policy. In addition, any information
regarding potential violations must be provided to the policy administrator in writing. No calls will be accepted
regarding possible violations and/or reinstatement.

Policy Administrator Contact Info: 909-839-0706

REV AUG 2, 2023

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