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Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy

Updated February 1, 2020

KW Automotive North America, Inc (KW Automotive) Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy
has been unilaterally established to preserve the integrity of KW Automotive’s brands and to
ensure that the reputation of our high-quality products and services. Our high valued products
are reflected by the advertised retail price. This policy extends to all KW Automotive brands
including KW Suspension, ST Suspensions, Belltech and LSD Door Company.

In order to remain in good standing, KW Automotive resellers (in the US and Canada) must NOT
advertise any price below our published MAP prices. The MAP will be published for all KW
Automotive products in the brand application guides. The MAP may be changed at KW
Automotive’s sole discretion and at any time be publishing a revised application guide.

KW Automotive recognizes that resellers are free to make their own decisions to advertise and
sell KW Automotive products at any price they choose, without consulting or advising KW
Automotive. Similarly, KW Automotive will exercise its rights to makes its own decisions about
who is an authorized reseller of KW Automotive products.

KW Automotive has partnered with an outside agency in order to monitor and enforce our MAP
pricing policies.

Who is a Reseller?

A reseller is any merchant that sells KW Automotive products to consumers, including but not
limited to: retailers, warehouse distributers, jobbers, dealers, online dealers, online 3rd party
marketplace dealers, auction dealers, or auction websites.

What is a MAP violation?

KW Automotive MAP Policy applies to all advertising of specified products in any and all media
(digital or print), including but not limited to: advertisements, catalogues, inserts, mailers, flyers,
posters, coupons, magazines, newspapers, public signage, internet websites, online stores,
email offerings, and social media.

1. Any advertisement that states or implies that any of our products covered by this policy
will be sold at a price that is less than MAP violates this policy.

2. Strike-through or other alterations of the MAP that is paired with a discounted price below
the MAP is prohibited.

3. The MAP policy does not apply to prices displayed in-store or on premises by a reseller.

4. Pricing listed on an internet site is considered advertising and must adhere to the MAP
Policy. Statements such as or similar to “add to basket to see price”, “add to cart” or “call for
price” are not acceptable and considered a violation of this MAP Policy. Store coupons or
rebates for future purchases are also not acceptable

5. Advertising that offers discounted aggregate or “bundles” pricing is a violation of the
policy if one or more KW Automotive products are include in bundle and if the effective price of
the KW Automotive product is below MAP.

6. Advertising that offers a coupon code discount on one or more KW Automotive products
resulting in advertised price falling below specified MAP is a violation of this policy.

7. Advertising on a website offering a total cart discount is violation of this policy if resulting
advertised price falls below specified MAP.

8. Advertising that offers “Value Added” giveaways in conjunction with the sale of one or
more KW Automotive products is a violation of the policy if the effective advertised price of the
product is below MAP.

9. Any activity which KW Automotive determines, in its sole discretion, is designed or
intended to circumvent the intent of the MAP policy is a violation of this policy.

10. KW Automotive will support national promotions of its products from time to time. KW
Automotive will notify authorized resellers of the term and conditions of the national promotions.

Enforcement / Penalties

KW Automotive has a THREE Strikes Policy related to its MAP Policy, detailed below:

STRIKE 1: Upon discovery of a MAP violation, the offending reseller will be provided notice in
writing (email). The reseller will have three (3) business days from the date of the notification to
correct the infraction.
NOTE: Failure to correct infraction within specified time frame will result in escalation to STRIKE 2.

STRIKE 2: Second MAP violation within 12 months, OR failure to comply with STRIKE 1
PENALTY: Reseller will be removed from the AUTHORIZED DEALER LIST and prohibited from
selling any KW Automotive products for 30 days. Reseller will also be prohibited from purchasing
products from KW Automotive for the same 30-day period. Loss of 50% of any Marketing
Program Funds (if applicable).

STRIKE 3: Third MAP violation within 12 months.
PENALTY: Dissolution of account. Return Privileges will be revoked. Reseller will be removed
Loss of 100% of any Marketing Program Funding (if applicable).

KW Automotive will provide notification of revisions in writing 30 days prior to effective date. This
policy may be modified or amended at any time by KW Automotive. This policy will be enforced
by KW Automotive in its sole discretion. Resellers have no right to enforce MAP policy.

If you have been made aware of this policy and continue to sell KW branded products
including brands KW Suspensions, ST Suspensions and Belltech, you consent and agree
to all of the terms and conditions listed in this policy.

How do I report a MAP violation?
You may contact KW Automotive to report MAP violations:
For any questions related to this policy, please contact your account manager.
Phone: 559-875-0222
KW Automotive North America, Inc
300 West Pontiac Way
Clovis, CA 93612


Please be aware that not all resellers are authorized dealers of KW Automotive products. Only
authorized KW Automotive dealers are permitted to sell official products. Product warranties will
only be honored if products are purchased from authorized KW Automotive dealers or
authorized resellers. Please check our UNAUTHORIZED DEALER LIST at, or If the consumer
purchases products through a third-party seller or other dot com reseller that appears on this list,
the consumer’s product warranty will not be honored.

If you are not sure about purchasing from a specific dealer or reseller, please contact us directly
at 559-875-0222.

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