Our story started in 2005 in Torquay, Australia, when polymer and composite materials specialist and motorbike fanatic Geoff Maloney had an idea to reduce the risk and severity of ligament injuries in sport without restricting performance or compromising comfort.

Since then, POD Active has evolved to become a globally focussed product development company that specialises in joint protection for elite athletes & active humans.

Drawing on our experience and understanding of the shape and movement of the body, POD works with leading universities, brands, athletes, coaches, trainers and medical professionals to create a range of joint protection products around natural human motion.


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Effective Jan. 1st, 2014


To our valued business partner,

POD ® is a manufacturer of premium medical grade knee protection products.  The image, goodwill and market value of the POD® brand, patients and trademarks are important and valuable intangible assets.

The following policy applies to Retail Advertising of POD products by all parties in all forms of media and is intended to ensure fair pricing and healthy competition.

  1. POD brand products, trademarks, marks, names and logos shall not be advertised in any forum, retail, media, print, and video, electronic or otherwise at greater than +/- 5% discount from POD suggested retail pricing.
  2. The policy is in effect on all current POD products.
  3. Advertising on eBay, other internet auction sites, dealer sites and third-party internet sites must not advertise or imply a discount greater than +/- 5%.

Dealers breaching this Retail Advertising Policy will be in danger of suspension of supply of POD products.

If you have any questions in relation to this policy, please contact our North American Distributor Western Power Sports.

Thanks for your continuing support.


Geoff Maloney

Managing Director

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