Over a decade ago, PRW Industries, Inc. (PRWI) recognized the need for branded, high-performance after-market parts that were value priced, and readily available on an in-stock basis. After a great deal of market research and further product development, the Performance Racing Warehouse (PRW) lineup of products was introduced to the performance after-market industry.


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Minimum Advertised Mutually Agreed Pricing

All advertisements or published offers must conform to PRW Minimum Advertised Price
guidelines to obtain either CAP fund credits or participate in MAP discounts from Racer Net
or Jobber pricing:

a) Qualified advertising for any PRW product listed by description, or part number, must
include a price within the following stated PRW guidelines.

b) Ads which state that the seller, “offers the lowest, most competitive, greatest discount,
cheapest, least expensive, etc.” or any similar statement designed to circumvent the
PRW requirement to include pricing, will not be considered as complaint with the PRW
policy, and subsequently will not qualify for CAP fund credits or MAP discounts off
current Racer Net or Jobber price:

c) Minimum acceptable advertised pricing for PRW Products:
(i) Jobber oriented ads may reflect up to a 20% discount off PRW current published
Jobber Price Schedule;
(ii) Retail oriented ads may reflect up to a 20% discount off PRW current published
Suggested List/Racer/Retail Price;

d) PRW recognizes that customers occasionally require some flexibility in marketing and
sale of PRW products in order to reflect local conditions and retail practices, provided
that such practices are within the MAP guidelines. Accordingly, each of the following
events will constitute allowable exceptions:
(i) Special promotional events, consistent with PRW marketing and sales programs
which have a term of not more than four weeks per event and which shall not
exceed one (1) event per calendar year. Discounts must be pre-approved by
PRW and are never to be greater than an additional 5% off stated guidelines.
Such pre-approval is required in writing from PRW Vice-President of Sales or
other designated PRW Executive.
(ii) Sales made in connection with any authorized PRW cooperative advertising
programs. Again, any such campaign will be accompanied by a program
outline required in writing from PRW Vice-President of Sales or other
designated PRW Executive.

By submitting authorized Purchase Orders to PRW, the Customer agrees that the terms and
conditions of this Agreement are Confidential. Under no circumstances are any PRW
employees, its field sales representatives, or any person other than the PRW Designated
Executive, authorized to discuss or disclose to any distributors, retailers, or other persons or
companies concerned with the sale and distribution of PRW products, any issues relating to
the application, adjustment, or modification of stated PRW CAP or MAP policies or practices.
In the event that the Vice President of Sales or designated PRW Executive elects to provide a
variance or adjustment, that individual will be responsible to detail such changes in writing.

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