Pypes Performance Exhaust supplies complete mandrel bent, performance exhaust systems for American performance vehicles ranging from the 1950’s to the present day.  We sweat the details!  We offer a great price on high-quality stainless steel exhaust systems that are painstakingly designed to deliver great fit, sound and value!


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Pypes Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy

Effective September 1, 2017, Pypes Performance Exhaust will implement a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy.


Scope of Pypes’ MAP Policy

In the past, only some of our products were subject to our MAP Policy.

Our new MAP Policy covers all Pypes products and will serve to enhance the profits of our dealer network and amplify the power of our brand.

Pypes will periodically publish a list of products and their prices that will be distributed through our home office and/or our Data Managers, DCI.

This list will resemble our normal WD Price list, but will now also include a MAP pricing column for all products.

MAP Policy pricing rules will apply to all forms of media and must remain consistent across all marketing channels. (Sales and Marketing Advertising Venues and Channels Include: Print; Digital; Social Media; Television and Radio)


Compliance with Pypes’ MAP Policy

Without exception, all Pypes’ resellers will be governed by this policy. This includes all “downstream” resellers who purchase the products from any Pypes distributor.

All Pypes products must be advertised with values “equal to or in excess of” our specified MAP price; this means that resellers may re-price our products to fit their markets. As long as the advertised price is not below Pypes’ MAP designation.

Advertising a Pypes product at a value below our MAP price will be considered a violation of our policy.

The application of rebates, discounts, special deals or bundling of products that effectively devalue or reduce the MAP price of a Pypes product will be considered a violation of the policy.

Policy violators will be subject to review and penalties will be imposed on those who are out of compliance with the policy.


Map Policy Violation Penalties:

All reported violations of the MAP Policy will be evaluated by Pypes Performance Exhaust and violators will be notified of their infringements and associated penalties. Penalties will be applied to all violators of the MAP Policy at the sole discretion of Pypes Performance Exhaust.

Violators of the MAP Policy will be required to remove all references to the products deemed to be in violation of the policy within a period of 72 hours (3 days).

If the references to the products in violation are not removed, further penalties will be imposed.

Compliance with our MAP Policy will be monitored through daily data collection activities and enforced by our home office and our tech partners.


Exceptions to Pypes’ MAP Policy

The only exceptions to Pypes’ MAP Policy will occur during designated periods of “MAP AMNESTY”. (Suspension of MAP Policy)

During these periods, Pypes will suspend the MAP Policy for a well-defined period of time in favor of permitting resellers to offer reduced prices on Pypes products.

During this time, a “MAP FLOOR” (Lowest Price) Policy will be enforced. A “MAP FLOOR” will be established by designating the maximum amount of discount that may be offered during “MAP AMNESTY”. The amount of discount will be 15% (Fifteen-percent) of the MAP Price of Pypes’ products.


Modification of Pypes’ MAP Policy

Pypes’ MAP Policy may be fully or partially modified at any time, for any reason at the sole discretion of Pypes Performance Exhaust.

Sufficient notification of any modifications to the MAP Policy will be provided to our dealer community. Notification will be published on our website and appear in our dealer newsletter or issued via corporate bulletins.


Contact Information Concerning Pypes’ MAP Policy

Please send email with questions, comments or reports of MAP infractions to:

Or call: 1.800.421.3890 Ext. 116

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Besides monitoring and MAP policy enforcement we also develop a healthy relationship with your compliant sellers.