RaceQuip was founded in Columbus, Ohio in 1975. Since then, RaceQuip has enjoyed a reputation for manufacturing the highest quality auto racing safety equipment available.

Safe-Quip was formed in 1987 to build high-quality, yet affordable, safety equipment in Irmo, South Carolina.
In 2006, both brands were purchased by Vesta Motorsports USA, Inc. led by longtime motorsports entrepreneur Patrick Utt. Experience is vital in the racing safety industry, so we’ve retained some of the best and brightest people to design, produce, and market our products. The merger of these two great safety equipment brands provides a wide range of value-priced auto racing safety gear.


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RaceQuip Unilateral Minimum Advertised Price Policy 
Update Effective July 1, 2016

Vesta Motorsports USA, Inc. under its RaceQuip brand has determined that its interests are best served through the adoption of a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Program and will only recognize and do business with those resellers who abide by this policy. This MAP policy is designed to protect reseller margins so that the RaceQuip brand will remain as a premium offering and destructive channel conflict can be avoided. The MAP pricing level is always equal to the RaceQuip Jobber price in effect at the time.


This MAP policy covers all RaceQuip resellers located in the United States and Canada. Although resellers remain free to establish their own resale prices, RaceQuip will, without assuming any liability, unilaterally impose sanctions as described in this policy against resellers who advertise applicable RaceQuip products at prices below those specified herein. RaceQuip will not discuss any conditions of acceptance related to this MAP policy, as it is non-negotiable, and will not be altered for any reseller. 

Minimum Advertised Price:

RaceQuip has established a Minimum Advertised Price for each of its products. The current listing of products and applicable MAP prices are published in RaceQuip’s Jobber Price List. The products and MAP may be changed from time to time at RaceQuip’s sole discretion. RaceQuip resellers are responsible for remaining current with MAP policy, products, and pricing. Value-added resellers may find that they can command prices above Jobber/MAP. Product and pricing files are regularly circulated to resellers. A current price list is attached.

MAP applies only to advertised retail prices and does not apply to the retail price at which RaceQuip products are actually sold, nor does it prohibit advertised prices that are higher than RaceQuip’s MAP prices. This MAP policy applies to all advertisements of RaceQuip products in all media including, without limitation, flyers, posters, coupons, mailers, inserts, newspapers, magazines, catalogs, television, radio, public signage, plus all internet or similar electronic media, including websites, email newsletters, forums and auction websites. This policy also specifically applies to items listed on internet auction websites where the starting price is below the current MAP price.

Website features such as “click for price,” automated “bounce-back” pricing e-mails, automatic price display for any items prior to being placed into a customer’s shopping cart, and special “in-cart” pricing are considered to be communications initiated by the reseller (rather than the customer) and constitute “advertising” under this MAP policy. 

Where any RaceQuip product is bundled with or sold as part of a package that includes other products (whether or not manufactured by RaceQuip), it shall be a violation of this MAP policy to sell or advertise the bundle (or package) at a price that (a) is lower than the total MAP of the RaceQuip product(s) in the bundle/package or (b) violates the letter or spirit of this MAP policy. 

It shall be a violation of this MAP policy to include in any advertising for RaceQuip products any additional discount, coupon, gift card, or incentive that translates into an immediate price reduction, where the cumulative effect would be to reduce the advertised price of the RaceQuip product below such product’s MAP. 

Any distributor found to be selling RaceQuip products to a reseller that is on RaceQuip’s “Do Not Sell List” constitutes a violation of this MAP policy. 

Allowable Within This Policy:

It shall not be a violation of this MAP policy to advertise in general that the reseller has “the lowest prices” or will match or beat its competitors’ prices or to use similar phrases so long as the reseller does not include any advertised price below MAP, does not include a specific reference to any RaceQuip product in connection with such general advertising, and otherwise complies with this MAP policy. 

It shall not be a violation of this MAP policy for a reseller to advertise that a consumer may “call for price” or “email for price,” so long as no price below MAP is listed. 

Free or reduced-priced shipping may be offered by a reseller and will not be considered a violation of this policy. 

Discount certificates, coupons, or rebates that may be used toward future purchases may be advertised so long as no price below MAP is listed and the offer is uniformly applied to all similar brands sold.

Open box, out-of-date, used, discontinued, or otherwise distressed merchandise may be advertised below MAP – as long as the deficiency is clearly stated in the headline or introductory text advertising the product.

Policy Violations:

Vesta Motorsports USA will reward those resellers that advertise RaceQuip products at (or above) MAP price. Conversely, resellers who advertise RaceQuip products at prices below MAP level will lose privileges or benefits offered by RaceQuip to its loyal resellers. In the event a reseller chooses not to follow the RaceQuip MAP policy, sanctions will be unilaterally imposed by RaceQuip. Violations of MAP policy shall be determined by RaceQuip in its sole discretion and may result in one or more of the following:

  • Discounts and other purchasing privileges or benefits may be reduced or revoked 
  • Orders may be refused or canceled for any or all products 
  • Reseller’s status as an Authorized Reseller may be revoked 
  • Reseller’s name may be included on RaceQuip’s Do Not Sell list 
  • Reseller’s authorization to use RaceQuip’s intellectual property, trademarked/copyrighted images or text, marketing material, product descriptions, logos, and company information may be revoked 

RaceQuip may, without warning, exercise its legal right to have Proprietary Intellectual Property removed from websites, web servers, auction sites (like eBay), and reseller sites (like Amazon), etc.

Unilateral Action:

RaceQuip is not seeking agreement from any reseller to adhere to this MAP policy. This MAP policy does not constitute an agreement or contract between RaceQuip and any of its resellers. It is entirely within the discretion of the reseller whether to comply or not comply.

Contact Information:

All questions or comments regarding this MAP policy are to be directed to the policy administrator at dealersales@racequip.com.  The policy administrator shall be solely responsible for determining whether a violation of the policy has occurred, communicating decisions to resellers regarding the policy, and receiving any communication regarding sanctions imposed under this policy.

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