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T-REX Resale Pricing Policy


Through this policy, T-REX Truck Products Inc (“T-REX Grilles”) hopes to protect its image and reputation and to encourage those reselling its products to provide effective and meaningful support to T-REX Grilles and the end-user consumers of its products. Accordingly, to better provide for the continuing sale of our premium quality, innovative and effective products and related items and to position T-REX Grilles properly in the marketplace, T-REX Grilles has adopted unilaterally this resale price policy (the “Policy”). The Policy applies to all resellers of T-REX Grilles.

The Policy does not constitute an agreement and is subject to change by T-REX Grilles unilaterally at any time. Purchasers of T-REX Grilles products should not communicate to T-REX Grilles their acceptance or compliance with this Policy. This Policy is not subject to negotiation.


This Policy is consistent with the U.S. (federal and state) laws and regulations, which allow T-REX Grilles to establish the manner in which its products are distributed, sold, and advertised. T-REX Grilles determined independently to implement this Policy and did not do so at the request of any other company. T-REX Grilles will make all decisions regarding the enforcement of this Policy unilaterally and will not reach any sort of agreement with its resellers because of complaints they might have regarding sales practice of other T-REX Grilles resellers.


This Policy is effective on December 17th, 2018. T-REX Grilles published this Policy with sufficient notice of its effective date. In so doing, T-REX Grilles provided Resellers with more than adequate time to conduct their business in accordance with T-REX Grilles’ Policy.


This Policy relates to retail prices. T-REX Grilles will, from time to time, provide Resellers with a list of its suggested retail prices. The suggested retail price shall apply to all of Resellers sales to end-user customers. The current T-REX GRILLES suggested minimum retail price for each part number is attached.

For purposes of this Policy, with respect to retail, the lowest price at which a T-REX GRILLES Product is offered by a Reseller to an end user customer or the price actually paid to a Reseller for a T-REX GRILLES Product by that Resellers customer, which is determined by:

Making sure that all discounts, coupons, deductions, rebates and allowances made available or actually provided to the customer are taken into account;

Exclude all applicable taxes and all shipping, delivery and insurance charges, IF paid by the customer; and

Excluding all applicable taxes and all shipping, delivery and insurance charges, IF paid by the customer; and

Subtracting, in the case of free or reduced-price goods or services and similar benefits for the customer made available or actually provided by that Reseller to its customers (whenever given, regardless of source and considered by T-REX GRILLES to be part of such offer or sale of any of the Products), the fair market resale value (as determined by T-REX GRILLES) of all such goods, services and benefits and, in the case of reduced-price goods or services and similar benefits, the excess of the fair market resale value over the amount to be paid or actually paid for them.


Although each Reseller remains free to establish its own prices, any Reseller offering or selling T-REX GRILLES Products at a net price below its suggested retail prices will, without assuming any liability, immediately be removed from T-REX GRILLES’ list of customers approved to purchase the Products and will have any and all rights to trademarked, patented or copyrighted materials revoked. Customers will not be removed from the list of approved customers unless T-REX GRILLES verifies to its satisfaction that the Reseller has violated this Policy. A Reseller may violate this Policy in any or both of two ways:

By offering (through advertising, promotion or otherwise and regardless of place or medium used), by selling (on-line, through a catalog or otherwise) or by providing except for bona fide returns, one or more of the Products in the U.S. at a net price less than the then current minimum retail price (the “Minimum Suggested Price”) established by T-REX GRILLES. The Minimum Suggested Price for each of the Products will be shown on the attached list of suggested retail price for T-REX GRILLES products. Or

By selling (on-line, through a catalog or otherwise) one or more of the Products in the U.S. to a Reseller who has been removed from T-REX GRILLES list of customers approved to purchase T-REX GRILLES Products. Reseller is prohibited from selling any T-REX GRILLES Products to any Reseller who has violated the terms of this Policy.


Effective as of the date of removal as a customer of T-REX GRILLES’s Products, all pending orders from the Violator for any of the Products will be canceled and no new orders for any of the Products will be accepted.


This Policy is not violated if a Reseller offers or sells one or more of the Products below the Minimum Suggested Price based on advertising and promotional materials in existence and that can not reasonably be modified prior to the effective date of this Policy. However, this exemption only applied until such time that it is reasonable to revise such materials to conform to this Policy.

If T-REX GRILLES determines that a Reseller does not qualify for or abused this exemption, such exemption will be deemed withdrawn by T-REX GRILLES. Except in extraordinary circumstances, T-REX GRILLES will not consider any requests for other exemptions from this Policy.


T-REX GRILLES reserves the right to repurchase the Violator’s unopened inventory of Products in their original packaging, at T-REX GRILLES’s sole discretion and at reasonable terms of its choosing, including but not limited to a restocking fee.


This Policy may be modified, extended, suspended, discontinued or rescinded in whole or in part by Notice from T-REX GRILLES at any time. Any such Notice will describe the duration and nature of any such modification, extension, suspension, discontinuation or rescission of the Policy by T-REX GRILLES. If there is any disagreement over the interpretation or enforcement of this Policy, T-REX GRILLES’s view will control.

T-REX GRILLES will not discuss any conditions of acceptance related to this Policy. In addition, T-REX GRILLES neither seeks nor accepts any assurance of compliance with this Policy. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary which may be expressed or implied in any communication between a Reseller and T-REX GRILLES, nothing therein will constitute an agreement by such Reseller to comply with this Policy.


All questions or requests for additional information regarding this Policy or information regarding potential violations of this Policy must be addressed to; Policy Administrator 2365 Railroad St Corona CA 92880 or Email trexmap01@gmail.com

 Note: No person other than the Policy administrator is authorized to answer questions regarding, to comment on, or to accept information regarding potential violations of this Policy. In addition, any information regarding potential violations must be provided to the Policy Administrator in writing.

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