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Armin Hirsch started Gold Eagle with a small Chicago storefront, and a vision to produce only the most innovative automotive chemicals. In 1932, Hirsch’s business focused on preventing and curing the toughest engine problems. Since then, Gold Eagle has evolved beyond the engine to offer complete protection for all the things you’re passionate about—from cars to boats to recreation equipment to patio furniture and more.


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2021 Minimum Advertised Pricing Policy

TriNova® (“TriNova® herein used interchangeably as the TriNova® brand or TriNova® Marketing
Team) is a trusted brand of innovative, solution-based cleaning and care products for consumers
worldwide. Since 2016, TriNova® has developed world class cleaners, conditioners, and surface
protectants. As distributors and resellers, you rely upon the outstanding reputation of the TriNova® brand
in your decision to carry our products, and your customers and consumers look to the TriNova® brand for
premium products. The reputation of TriNova® can and will be damaged if the TriNova® brand is perceived
by consumers as a discounted, or off-price, brand. For that reason, we have determined that it is in the
best interest of the TriNova® brand to only partner with distributors and resellers who choose to sell our
products at or above the TriNova® Minimum Advertised Price as outlined below.

Minimum Advertised Price Policy

TriNova® believes that every TriNova® product should be offered to the consumer at no less than
the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) every day of the year. This includes all TriNova® items listed on the
attached price sheet. TriNova® may exclude certain products from this MAP Policy at our discretion. If
there are any changes or additions to the MAP Policy pricing guidelines during the year, TriNova® will
distribute new pricing guidelines with these changes. TriNova® products not published within the pricing
guidelines are not subject to the MAP Policy pricing. We appreciate the value our distributors and re-
sellers bring to the TriNova® brand with special pricing offers, such as sales and special promotions. We
also appreciate that our commitment to bringing distributors, resellers, and consumer’s new products
could result in certain situations that our distributors and resellers will, from time to time, be required to
sell excess merchandise at a reduced price. It is desirable for both TriNova® and our distributors and
resellers that these occasional transactions be undertaken only in a systematic way that avoids damaging
the favorable equities associated with the TriNova® brand. Accordingly, sales, special promotions, and
closeouts will be permitted only when pre-approved by TriNova® in writing.

Practices Inconsistent with the Minimum Advertised Price Policy

Pricing practices that directly or indirectly reduce the price paid by the consumer for TriNova® products
will be considered inconsistent practices and a violation of the MAP Policy. While it is not possible to list
examples all such inconsistent practices, several examples are listed below:

• Selling and advertising TriNova® products below the MAP Policy, in any medium (including in-
store, print, audio, video, Internet communications or online).

• In eCommerce transactions “see cart for pricing” practices are inconsistent with the TriNova®
brand guidelines if the consumer is not required to enter a specific login or password to view this
“in cart” pricing.
• Website features such as “click for price”, automated “bounce-back” pricing e-mails,
preformatted e-mail responses, forms, and automatic price display for any items prior to being
placed in a customer’s shopping cart, and other similar features are considered communications

initiated by the dealer (rather than by the consumer) and thereby constitute “advertising” under
this MAP Policy. Thus, these actions will be non-compliant to this MAP Policy.
• Unapproved gifts offered with purchase of TriNova® products.
• Volume discounts or case pack discounts that are less than MAP price at the individual SKU level
will be considered a violation of this MAP Policy.
• Presenting with the purchase of TriNova® products a gift card of an unapproved amount or a
gift card of an approved amount other than one that can be used with separate or future
• Unapproved coupons specifically for TriNova® products.
• Use of generic coupons for any merchandise in the store or online, when the use of that coupon
is “netted out” or shown in an advertisement for TriNova® products. With respect to coupons that
cover any and all of the merchandise in a retailer’s store, we will not consider such all merchandise
coupons to be an inconsistent practice.
• Non-compliance with TriNova® Advertising and Brand Usage Guidelines.
• Transshipping and or reselling TriNova® products to other distributors or resellers who sell
TriNova® products to consumers below MAP Policy pricing.
• It is considered non-compliance for distributors or resellers to follow MAP Policy violated
pricing, if another party is in violation of TriNova®’s MAP Policy.
• If a distributor or reselelr with multiple store locations violates the MAP Policy at any one store
location, or on any associated website, then TriNova® will consider this to be a violation by the
distributor or reseller.

Enforcement of the Minimum Advertised Price Policy

TriNova® will monitor the practices of distributors and resellers either directly or via 3rd party
agencies and/or analytical tools in all markets. Distributors and resellers are expected to provide
reasonable cooperation in any TriNova® investigation regarding possible MAP Policy violations. Hindering
or otherwise failing to cooperate with TriNova®’s MAP Policy investigation will be considered a violation
of the MAP Policy. If we discover that a distributor or reseller is engaging in any inconsistent practice as
described above, we will take the actions outlined below, unilaterally, and without consultation or
agreement with either the non-compliant distributors or reseller, or others. (Note that in instances of a
MAP Policy violation by a reseller who does not have an authorized or direct purchasing relationship with
TriNova® and instead purchases TriNova® products and accessories from an authorized reseller, TriNova®
will pursue enforcement actions through the authorized reseller as outlined below).

• If an initial violation occurs, TriNova® will issue a letter to the non-compliant distributor or
reseller requesting that they correct pricing to be compliant with the TriNova® MAP Policy
guidelines as noted above. Pricing must be corrected within five (5) business days of the dated
written or electronic notification.
• Further violations will result in any or all of the following actions:
• Cancellation of pending orders, restriction of future orders, or suspension of the ability
to access or purchase new items and/or specific TriNova® products.
• Termination of any and all programming elements such as pricing, co-op, and rebate
support temporarily or indefinitely.
• TriNova® reserves the unilateral right to terminate our partnership with non-compliant
distributors or resellers. Such a decision will be made by our TriNova® team, without any
consultation or agreement with the non-compliant distributors or resellers, or with others.
• TriNova® marketing and sale team members do not manage the TriNova® MAP Policy. Please
direct any questions related to this MAP Policy to the MAP Policy Manager at

Electronic Minimum Resale Price Policy – International Use

While the pricing outlined for the EMRP is noted in USD, international distributors and resellers should
price Gold Eagle products using the current exchange rate for the destination currency as determined at


We understand that every distributor or reseller has the right to decide what products to buy and at what
price to sell the products it offers. As the manufacturer, we too have the right to only partner with
distributors and resellers who respect our efforts to retain and build the equity underlying the TriNova®
brand. We will exercise our right to take the foregoing steps, including the termination of partnership,
with distributors and resellers whose practices jeopardize the premium equity behind the TriNova® brand.

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