VP Racing Fuels

VP Racing Fuels was founded by Steve Burns, who initially exhibited his aptitude for R&D in the early 1970’s as a young racer in San Antonio, Texas. Self-taught in chemistry and physics, Steve was convinced the race fuel manufacturers of the day were falling short in their quest for optimum horsepower.

To address this shortcoming, he began experimenting with exotic blends of fuel, much to the dismay of his parents whose garage served as Steve’s laboratory. Steve began at the local tracks of Texas, where racers tried his fuel and liked the power gains. His first fuel was christened “C12™,” the word spread and Steve’s company was founded as VP Racing Fuels in 1975.


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Re: eMAP on VP Motorsport Containers®

Dear Customer,

It has come to our attention that certain resellers have not been following our Minimum Advertised
Price Policy (MAP) on various online marketplaces, including Amazon.com. To those that have been
adhering to it, thank you! We appreciate your partnership in keeping healthy online price points and a
competitive marketplace. I need to remind and point out to resellers that this policy exists and we’re
quite serious about it here at VP. Please see the enclosed attachment to review the terms of the policy.

Our Motorsports Container line seems to be the common denominator where MAP price violations
occur. We are requiring that you adopt the below eMAP pricing so resellers can compete on a more
level playing field and we’re not driving down retail pricing online, ultimately creating pricing issues in
the retail brick ‘n mortar channels as well.

The newly modified eMAP pricing is as follows:

VP Motorsport Containers® with hoses:
Pack Size eMAP Price
1 EA $42.99
2-PK $85.99
4-PK $149.99

VP Motorsport Containers® without hoses:

Pack Size eMAP Price
1 EA $34.99
2-PK $69.99
4-PK $134.99

Effective 9/15, we will begin to restrict resellers from participating in our product’s on line listings if we
see violations of the above eMAP price points.

If you need new item set up information, have any questions or seek additional clarification on these
changes and new processes, please don’t hesitate to call/ email your VP Sales Representative or reach
out via VPRacingfuels.com.


VP Racing Fuels, Inc Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy


Because VP believes that the performance, high quality and other attributes of its products are best
conveyed by advertising that focuses on these features, and because VP desires to preserve the brand
image associated with its VP®, SEF®, Motowash®, Powermaster® and other branded products (the
“Products”), VP has adopted this Minimum Advertised Price Policy (the “MAP Policy”) to support
advertising that promotes these objectives. This MAP Policy is a unilateral policy of VP. This policy
applies to dealers and other authorized resellers including wholesale distributors (in any case, an
“authorized reseller”) of any products in North America (specifically including Alaska, Hawaii, Canada,
Mexico and the continental United States), who acquire such products directly from VP. It does not
apply to any resellers located outside North America. Because this is a unilateral policy, it shall not be
(and shall not be deemed to be) incorporated into, or a part of, any dealer agreement or any other
agreement with any authorized reseller unless specifically agreed to in such agreement.

A violation of this MAP policy shall occur any time an authorized reseller advertises in a Covered Media
(as defined below) any Covered Product (as defined below) at a price below the current Minimum
Advertised Price (as defined below) for such product. In addition, any advertising that, although in
technical compliance with the terms of this MAP Policy, violates the spirit and intent of this policy (as
reasonably determined by VP) shall be deemed a violation of this policy. VP reserves the right to make
any changes it deems necessary to this policy from time to time. All authorized wholesalers are required
to ensure that their respective authorized dealers comply with this policy.

Nothing in this policy is intended to set or limit the price(s) at which authorized resellers resell their
products (including any Covered Product), which prices they are free to set unilaterally. Instead, this
policy merely restricts “advertisement.” No employee or representative of VP has any authority to tell
any authorized reseller what its resale prices must be, nor to inhibit in any way such reseller’s
independent pricing decisions.


This MAP Policy applies to all forms of advertising including, but not limited to, the following
(collectively, “Covered Media”):
 Print ads (inserts, magazines, catalogs, newspapers, etc.)
 Broadcast (radio and TV)
 Direct mailers, including email
 Faxes
 Internet ads (but see “Special Internet Provisions” below)
 Billboards

Provided that, this MAP Policy does not apply to (and the term “Covered Media” shall not include) the

 In-store displays, In-store banners, In-store price markings
 Quotes, contracts, governmental bids
 Internet site (“checkout” pages or “shopping cart” pages where the customer makes their final
purchase election)


This MAP Policy applies to all VP branded fuels, oils, consumer products, and automotive products
(“Covered Product”).

The Minimum Advertised Price shall be no less than fifteen percent (15%) lower than the published
retail price of such Covered Product; provided, however, that VP may establish and set applicable
minimum advertised pricing for certain specified Covered Products, which will be published on retailer
site, or mailed or emailed to resellers from time to time. An updated MAP listing is always available by
contacting your sales representative.

This MAP Policy does not establish maximum advertised prices. All dealers and distributors may offer
VP products at any price in excess of the MAP established for such product.


The following advertisements shall not (absent other circumstances) constitute a violation of the MAP
 Advertising without any reference to price
 Advertising that states “Call for Price” or similar statements
 Advertising that promises to match or beat prices from competitors
 Advertising that offers free delivery with purchase; free training with purchase; free service with
purchase unless the ad specifies a dollar value for these activities which nets a price that is
below the applicable Minimum Advertised Price.
 Advertising that offers free or low – interest financing, or no money down, or delayed payments
unless the ad specifies a dollar value for these terms which nets a price that is below the
applicable Minimum Advertised Price


From time-to-time, VP may discontinue products/packaging or engage in promotions with respect to
certain products. In such events, VP reserves the right to modify or suspend the MAP Policy with
respect to the affected products. VP further reserves the right to adjust the MAP with respect to all or
certain products at its sole discretion.


Advertising on the Internet is subject to this MAP Policy. Examples of Internet advertising that must
comply with the MAP Policy include:
 The authorized reseller’s website and banners
 The authorized reseller’s banners or advertising on sites owned by other parties (such as portal
sites and news sites)
 Listings on shopper sites that accumulate and display advertised pricing from unrelated websites
if sponsored or funded by the authorized reseller, or if the authorized reseller submits
information to the shopper site;
 Auction sites where a minimum bid is communicated by the authorized reseller

“Call for Price” or “Add to Cart for Price” is acceptable. A product that has been placed in the “shopping
cart” or which appears on similar “checkout” pages where the customer makes their final purchase can
be shown on such page at any price.


All questions regarding the MAP Policy shall be addressed to a Regional Manager or Director of
Consumer Sales, as applicable for the specific product. No other VP representative is authorized to
confirm compliance with this policy, discuss it, or amend it.

VP will not respond to any questions or comments from one authorized reseller about the activities of
any other authorized reseller.

Please do not contact VP regarding any violation or alleged violation of the MAP Policy by any third


VP does not intend to do business with dealers, distributors, or retailers who degrade the image of its
brands and products. VP reserves the right (to the extent otherwise permitted by applicable law) to
take any and all actions it deems reasonable and appropriate in response to any MAP Policy violation
including but not limited to:
 Withholding (or recovering, if previously paid) any marketing rebate or other allowances
 Terminating any written distributor or dealer agreement
 Refusing to sell any VP products

VP will unilaterally enforce this policy in its discretion. VP will not provide prior notice or issue warnings
before taking any action under this policy. VP will not respond to complaints concerning any violation of
MAP Policy.

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