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Price changes and how they affect MAP compliance

Price changes used to happen annually but in today’s dynamic business climate, price changes are happening much more frequently, and they have taken on much more importance. The costs of freight and raw materials are rising quickly and price changes need to happen quickly and efficiently as well.  We talked with a manufacturer recently who said it took them about 60 days to get a new price file implemented.  In today’s inflationary environment after 60 days, it is almost time to announce the next price increase!  Fortunately, we make these price changes easy for our clients. It’s as simple as sending us an email with the new file and we make it happen. There is no need to log into a portal and format your file to fit etc.  Clients need only send us the price file to ensure enforcement is in sync with your internal price notifications.

And speaking of price notifications, we make sure manufacturers’ new price files are distributed to all their resellers, even the ones that they do not have direct contact with. We notify all the Amazon, eBay, and Wal-Mart sellers in one easy email.  This gives the resellers time to prepare and have the changes ready to go when the implementation date arrives.  This also makes it easier to discipline violators who drag their feet on uploading the price changes.   They have plenty of time to prepare and even if the WD does not have the newest prices uploaded they are still responsible for their own prices.  Often resellers use the excuse that the WD still has the old pricing, which is no excuse at all.  Especially if they have been notified in advance.  This is one way we make our clients lives easier and also head off future advertised price violation issues.

IMPORTANT: Do not forget to update your data services as well. Updating one and not the other is a recipe for a MAP violation nightmare.”


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