Warehouse Distributor Services

How do you evaluate a new brand?
With a sales channel evaluation from MAP Services Corp., that's how!

Market saturation

Discover how widely distributed a brands is. Will you be pioneering the brand, fulfilling existing distribution or a combination of both?

Channel Visibility

See where a brands products are being sold. Identify existing key customers and source new ones using our detailed seller report. Get a complete picture of the who, what and wheres of a brands sales strategy.

Everything you need in one place.

You’ve had your vendor meeting, their programs look good and you’ve been assured the brand monitors and enforces their pricing programs. How many times have you heard that only to find out, their idea of price control and yours are two entirely different things.

Product Market Valuation

Learn what the current market value for a brands products are. View detailed seller listings, see the highest and lowest sell prices offered. Calculate expected wholesale discounts to be competitive and determine if the brand is a viable addition to your line card.

MAP Compliance

Determine if a brands is serous about the profitability of their products. Is the brand’s pricing structure adequate to support three step distribution?¬†Are they enforcing their price policy?

Realized profitability potential

Calculate real world profitability using actual retail selling prices. You’re about to commit significant dollars to inventory. Verify your calculations are accurate and anticipated profit becomes realized profit.

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Besides monitoring and MAP policy enforcement we also develop a healthy relationship with your compliant sellers.