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Our Unique Story regarding Minimum Advertised Price Monitoring

We started as e-commerce sellers and not a software company. We began selling online in the early 90’s, well before any minimum advertised price monitoring policies existed. We grew our business to do over a half million in sales every month. Life was good.

Somewhere around 2003 manufacturers came to us with their MAP pricing policies. We were happy to comply. We were the good guys after all, with a full-time customer service department. We hoped this would lead to greater margins. After all, it is no fun trying to make a living with 1% margins!

Soon we noticed a problem. Our sales were declining. We discovered that our sales stopped for all clients with MAP policies. Here we were expecting greater margins, but instead, we got the exact opposite. This was extremely frustrating, to say the least. We contacted the manufacturers and told them to please police their MAP violators better because good guys like us were losing sales to the shady site operators who were sitting around in…

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Our service


We monitor 100% of your skus across all channels 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Anything less diminishes your brand.


Our custom emails, Do Not Sell lists and Cease and Desist letters automatically stop violators. You don't need to do


Customized reports delivered to your inbox so you don't have to log into another site and remember another password!

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