Anyone we have had contact with has been very helpful in a timely manner. Some of my friends in the industry also use MAP Services and all of us have been very happy with the reduction in violations.

Mary Fowlkes

In my opinion, we accomplished what many thought was an impossible task. In less than a month we took a completely out of control pricing situation and turned it around into a clean and manageable arrangement.

This morning I was checking the out below link, when in the Amazon listing I noticed below were two more Kuryakyn part numbers, yet your program ignored those and selected the correct one. I remember how agonizingly frustrating Kuryakyn was in setting up the correct search parameters because they use only four digits. It literally took months, but you hung in there and got it dialed in (I have the date highlighted in my Year To Date spreadsheet). When I saw this ad this morning, I had to write and share with you how appreciative I am of you and how sweet it is to work Kuryakyn like I do the other brands because your accuracy of valid violations is through the roof (all I have to do if figure out who the sellers are, which is why I opened the link).
THANK YOU for all you do in support of MAG brands. Reported Kuryakyn violations are below 300 and dropping. That’s amazing, and a true testament and reflection to your dedicated work. You are a true professional.
With much appreciation,

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Besides monitoring and MAP policy enforcement we also develop a healthy relationship with your compliant sellers.