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100% MAP Price Monitoring of your SKUs on Amazon, eBay and Wal-Mart every single day.

Minimum Advertised Price violators have become increasingly sophisticated. They can actually learn which SKUs you monitor and which you do not! Other MAP monitoring firms only check a small percentage of your SKUs but we have found that MAP price monitoring of all SKUs produces much better results.

Rotate MAP compliance monitoring hours

Some sellers will automatically change their prices at certain times of the day so they can avoid getting caught. We send our robots out at different times to keep this practice from being effective. We also do map compliance monitoring and enforce on weekends and holidays. This means that even if you go on vacation, your MAP policy does not!

We create a cross-referenced part list.

Many sellers of MAP monitoring services do not use your actual part numbers, especially the MAP violators while doing map compliance monitoring.  They might make up their own part numbers or use the wholesale distributor part numbers instead. Because of our privileged relationships with these wholesale distributors we have the access and tools to build a complete cross-referenced part number list to catch all the violators.   This ensures that we catch more violators than anyone else.

We Monitor All MAP Non-violations

MAP violation monitoring is great, but it is also essential to check the non-violations.   By knowing how many listings are at or above MAP you can get an idea of the overall compliance in the marketplace.   Studies show that in order to get the benefits of a MAP monitoring program you need to achieve at least 95% compliance in the marketplace.  But there’s no way to know what your MAP compliance is if you are only looking at the violations.  Statistics that show how many violations have been removed or have been found are meaningless.  Our MAP compliance monitoring gives you real, useful information to let you know if you are achieving your goals.

Here is a screenshot of our compliance:


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Besides monitoring and MAP policy enforcement we also develop a healthy relationship with your compliant sellers.