Our Unique Story

We started as e-commerce sellers and not a software company. We began selling online in the early 90’s, well before any Minimum Advertised Pricing policies existed. We grew our business to doing over a half million in sales every month. Life was good.

Somewhere around 2003 manufacturers came to us with their MAP pricing policies. We were happy to comply. We were the good guys after all, with a full time customer service department. We hoped this would lead to greater margins. Afterall, it is no fun trying to make a living with 1% margins!

Soon we noticed a problem. Our sales were declining. We discovered that our sales stopped for all clients with MAP policies. Here we were expecting greater margins, but instead we got the exact opposite. This was extremely frustrating to say the least. We contacted the manufacturers and told them to please police their MAP violators better because good guys like us were losing sales to the shady site operators who were sitting around in their underwear. offering no pre or post sales support. The manufacturers were aware of the problem, but it was very difficult to clean up all they violators.

One day in a fit of anger and frustration David wrote some software to find all the MAP violators out there. He sent the lists to the manufacturers to show them the problem we were facing.

The manufacturers were very suprised because thay had not known a lot of the violators. They soon starting asking for additional copies of reports to help them which we provided.

This soon grew into a side business and the features and capabilities grew and grew.

As entrepenuers ourselves we discovered we really liked helping other companies protect their brands. We connected with the owners of companies who had taken great risks and invested their lives into brands. They were frustrated that the internet was destroying the value of their brand. We found we were able to really help and it felt good.

Our team

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David Portugal


Over 20 years experience in the retail side of eCommerce and a background in technology. Avid motorcycle rider.

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Trey Morrison


Serial entrepreneur with an Industrial Psychology education and 23 years helping businesses. Loves Mountain Biking.

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Marshall Hein

Lead Programer

"The Fixer", Avid off-roader, boater, and ice fisherman.

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Kristen Jones

Customer Service Supervisor

Customer Service wizard!

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Emily Bowers

Customer Service Agent

Customer service professional and cat lover!

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Andrew Lewis

Administrative Assistant

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Nasir Tariq

Programmer Supervisor

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AKA: Billy Bob

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Programming Taskmaster