MAP Enforcement

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Fully customizable email series automatically sent to sellers who are violating minimum advertised price policy.

We have a set of email templates that is fully customizable to match your MAP enforcement policy. These emails do the bulk of the work for you.

Shared Data

We have data on over 12,000 sellers in the powersports industry.  When you sign up with us you have a huge head start. In addition, seller research being done by us and all other clients lands at your fingertips automatically.

We know who the habitual violators of MAP pricing are and how to stop them.

Through years of experience we know which sellers are likely to come into compliance easily and which ones need a heavier hand.

We know where sellers get their product.

Sometimes the only way to find out where a seller is getting their product from is to do a mystery buy. This is where you buy a product from them and determine where it came from by either the return address or the serialization on the product itself.  When we do mystery buys for our clients we keep track of this information in our database for Minimum Advertised Price Enforcement. This assists all clients when they need help identifying suppliers.

Thank You Emails

We not only want to eliminate your sub MAP sellers, we also want to develop your relationship with your compliant sellers.  We send “Thank You” emails to sellers who come into compliance.

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Besides monitoring and MAP policy enforcement we also develop a healthy relationship with your compliant sellers.