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Boat Bling, Inc ® was founded in 2004 by two avid boaters and friends with the goal of bringing premium, innovative products to the boating market. Initially, cleaning products were not even part of the plan. An architecture background inspired the original Boat Bling® engine covers which were meticulously machined of aircraft aluminum to replace the stock plastic cover on the Mercruiser 496 and 496HO engines. These products were very well received works of art but it was clear early on that this was an amazing niche product that was not scalable with potential sales less than 1% of all boat owners. Seeking a scalable product to reinvent the marketplace, cleaning products became the direction and the “Sauce” names were created on a cocktail napkin over Mexican food (hence the Hot Sauce name).

The brand was reinvented with the Sauce line of care products and the vision was clear.


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Effective Date: January 1, 2024

Subject: Retail Advertising Policy

Dear Boat Bling, Inc. Dealer:

Boat Bling, Inc. d/b/a Bling Sauce (“Bling Sauce”) is committed to offering the highest quality products that consumers demand. These brands include Bling Sauce (referred to as the “Brand”). Bling Sauce owns the trademarks, various derivatives thereof, logos, copyrights to materials in its catalogs and other

intellectual property associated with the Brand (collectively referred to as “Marks”). Resellers (referred to as “Dealers”) constitute any merchant that sells to consumers. Dealers are granted a limited, revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the Marks in connection with any print or internet advertising associated with the Brand as long as they adhere to Bling Sauce policies, including this Retail Advertising Policy aka MAP Policy (the “Policy”).

Furthermore, Wholesale Distributors (“Distributors”) are responsible for monitoring to whom they sell to and ensuring that the purchasing party is not violating the Policy. Failure to do so may result in penalties to both the reseller and the Distributor.

This Policy is (1) designed to generally support the Brand as a premium offering in the marketplace, (2) to ensure all Dealers dedicate sufficient resources to promote the Brand, (3) to enable Dealers to continue to employ knowledgeable sales associates to support the Brand, (4) retain the Brand’s value and a healthy distribution channel. Each Dealer is free to independently set its resale prices for any product at its own discretion, but the Brand’s Policy establishes advertised price standards for the Brand. Bling Sauce has adopted this Policy unilaterally for the express purposes set forth above. Failure to abide by this Policy may result in penalties, including the privilege of purchasing the Brand’s products.

Covered Advertising

Dealers shall not publish a retail advertised price through Covered Advertising (defined below) that is below the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (“MSRP”).

“Covered Advertising” is defined as:

  1. Print advertising such as newspapers, magazines, print inserts, outdoor billboards/signage;
  2. Broadcast advertising such as radio and TV;
  3. Direct advertising such as catalogs, flyers, newsletters, direct mail pieces/coupons, and broadcast faxes, whether mailed, hand-delivered, or shipped in-box with product;
  4. Electronic mail (e-mail) advertising. Any web pages that link from the e-mail are considered part of the e-mail advertisement;
  5. Internet advertising such as banner, pop-up, and pop-under ads;
  6. And any website accessible to the public including traditional retailers, club membership sites, e-tailers (eCom), vendors, portals, shopping sites, blogs, forums, auction sites, etc.

The types of advertising not covered by this Policy are:

  1. In-store merchandising;

This Policy only relates to current active merchandise for the Brand. Any products deemed as closeouts and/or discontinued are not subject to this Policy. A visible strike out, deletion or alteration of any price in any Internet advertising is strictly prohibited. Dealers must not include statements or options related to the Brand which may lead consumers to perceive the offer is below MSRP. Statements such as “call”, “call for price”, “email to get the lowest price”, “guaranteed lowest prices”, “best offer”, “place in shopping cart to see our lowest price”, “at least x% off”, or other similar statements should not be used.

All packages (i.e., those that include a combination sale of both Branded products and products not covered under this Policy) must be advertised at the cumulative MSRP of all the products included in the package.

The Brand must be specifically excluded from any type of advertised store-wide sale or promotion.

From time to time the Brand may engage in promotions with respect to certain products included in the Policy. Bling Sauce reserves the right to unilaterally modify or suspend the Policy with respect to these promotions.

Policy Violations


The Brand shall determine violations of this Policy at its sole discretion. The Brand’s designated Policy Administrator is the only person authorized to communicate Policy updates, changes, or decisions. No other Brand representative or agent is authorized to confirm compliance with, discuss, or amend this Policy. The Brand will not accept any communication from a Dealer who has violated this Policy regarding the violation or the willingness of the Dealer to bring its advertising into compliance with the Policy. The Brand also does not entertain complaints from its Dealers regarding another Dealer’s advertising or pricing practices. For more information concerning this Policy, please contact with subject line “MAP Administrator”.

Enforcement & Penalties:

The Brand or its authorized 3rd party administrator will enforce the Policy by sending notifications of violations. Once a violation is discovered, the Dealer will automatically be penalized for their violation in accordance to the penalties stated below. The Dealer will have (2) business days from the date the notification was composed to correct an internet violation, and (3) business days to correct all other violations. If a violation is not reconciled within the time period allotted, the Dealer will automatically receive the subsequent notification. The Brand will make the final determination as to whether the violation will be withdrawn.

  1. Penalty for First Notification of Violation: a. Direct Accounts will: Lose the privilege to purchase the product found to be in violation. b. Non-Direct Accounts will: Be added to the Distributor Do Not Sell list and lose the privilege to purchase the product found to be in violation.
  2. Penalty for Second Notification of Violation: a. Direct Accounts will lose: The privilege to purchase the product found to be in violation. b. Non-Direct Accounts will lose: 1. All rights to Brand’s intellectual properties and will have two (2) business days to remove them from their website. 2. The privilege of being listed on the Brand’s dealer locator will be revoked.
  3. Penalty for Third and Final Notification of Violation: a. Direct Accounts: Immediate action must be taken to remove all Bling Sauce products from the website. The following will be revoked immediately and remain in effect indefinitely: All Brand intellectual property rights. Privilege to purchase any and all Bling Sauce products. 100% of annual COOP funds and/or rebates. If any of the funds have already been credited, they will lose funds for the following year. Privilege of being listed on the Brand’s dealer locator. b. Non-Direct Accounts: Will immediately be placed on the Brand’s Do Not Sell List and Brand intellectual property rights are immediately revoked. This policy may be modified or amended at any time by the Brand. If any changes are to occur, the Brand will distribute a (30) day written notice of any changes to its resellers.

We greatly appreciate your business and continued support of the Bling Sauce brand. Should you have any questions regarding this policy, please feel free to contact us.


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