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Khrome Werks products perform for the eyes, ears, heart, and soul. They design exhausts for power and signature sound, outperforming the competition. Now, as part of Lincoln Industries®, advanced processes couple breakthrough finishes and styling with precision engineering and fitment that never disappoints.



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Khrome Werks Advertising Policy

Khrome Werks, a division of Lincoln Industries, offers high-quality parts at reasonable prices to the Powersports Industry.  We appreciate each and every one of our dealers’ and distributors’ hard work in selling and promoting the Khrome Werks name and our products.  We want to keep the value of this brand consistent for all dealers.  Khrome Werks trusts that each dealer will assist us with this goal by complying with the below advertising policy.

Use of trademarks, logos, and copyrighted material

Khrome Werks grants each of our distributors and dealers a limited, revocable, non-exclusive, and non-transferable license to use, reproduce, and display our trademarks and copyrighted materials provided that the dealer complies with this policy. This license is for the dealer’s use and does not allow the dealer to distribute our trademarks or copyrighted material to any third party for any purpose other than developing advertising for the dealer. Any use of our trademarks or copyrighted material shall be accompanied by appropriate attribution that identifies Khrome Werks as the owner of the material so used.  When using our trademarks or copyrighted material dealers must be clearly identified in the advertisement by providing at minimum the dealer name, address, and phone number. This limited license does not allow dealers to register our trademarks as any part of a domain name or trade name. Nothing in this policy shall be construed to give dealers, distributors, or retailers any rights, title, or interest in our trademarks or copyrighted material.


Dealers selling Khrome Werks products may sell those products for any price at their sole discretion, however, Khrome Werks believes that marketing products bearing our logos or trademarks at any price other than the MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) undermines our reputation in the industry and the market value of our products.  Therefore, Khrome Werks will enforce this policy which is intended to promote and preserve the good will, market value, image and reputation of Khrome Werks and our Products and Trademarks.  Dealers may use any of our trademarks, copyrighted material, part numbers and logos in connection with product advertising, publication, catalog, web page, or other printed, audio, video or electronic material as long as the dealer agrees to comply with our requirement that No trademarks or copyrighted material may be used in any advertisement, catalog, publication, regardless of whether the format is printed, audio, video, or electronic unless the price used is the MSRP set by Khrome Werks.

Advertising practices that have the effect of changing the advertised price from MSRP such as bundling our products with other products violate this policy.  This includes giving free product with our product be it ours or another brand(s), packages that combine products at a different price other than the total MSRP, and offering coupons or promotional codes or discounts with membership that seek to subvert this policy.  Advertisements that use phrases such as click for price, email for price, email for best offer or similar that suggest that the price will be different than MSRP also violate this policy.  Advertisements that modify the pricing to levels below our MSRP violate this policy.

For the purposes of this policy Advertisement is defined as any information, advisement, announcement, publication or notice given to solicit sales of our products no matter the medium including all forms of electronic media, social media, print, audio or video. Regarding internet sales, the entire web site including the “shopping cart” “checkout area” or similar web site location are considered part of the advertisement.

Any attempt by a dealer to subvert this policy by helping or supporting other dealers, distributors or retailers who advertise in violation of this policy is a violation of this policy.

All current Khrome Werks products are subject to this policy.  Once an item is determined to be discontinued or obsolete by Khrome Werks, the policy no longer applies to that item.


Violations of the Khrome Werks MAP policy will be determined by Khrome Werks in its sole discretion.  In most cases enforcement of this MAP policy will be in the following manner:

1st offense: We will document that the offense occurred and issue a request that the pricing be corrected.  This may come through our distributor or directly from us.  The offender will be given 3 business days to comply.

2nd offense: We will request that our distributors not ship the offending business any of our product for 30 days.

3rd offense: We will request that our distributors not ship the offending business any of our products for 1 year.

4th offense: We will ask our distributors to refrain from shipping any of our products indefinitely.

   Any notice we send, and any enforcement of this policy will apply to all “sister stores” of the offender as well.  Any dealer engaged in the selling or solicitation for sales of our products agrees to abide by this policy.

Any violations of this policy should be reported to Khrome Werks by calling our customer service line at 507-884-0483 or emailing us at


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