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ScorpionEXO develops and manufactures high-performance technical protective motorcycle helmets and apparel.


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Update Effective August 22, 2021 


 In order to facilitate the proper representation of Scorpion EXO we are supplying our valued dealers the following Minimum Advertised Price Policy. Scorpion EXO includes the following divisions but not limited to: Apparel, ATV, Off-road, Snow and Street. The policy is in place with respect to the advertising of Scorpion EXO Trademarks, Names, Brands, Logos, Marks or copywrite materials in catalogs and publications of any kind including but not limited to print, electronic, video or audio products. Our policy in no way implies any attempt to control the dealer’s price of the aforementioned products. It is simply a policy of dealer retail advertising meant to protect the image, goodwill and market value of our brands and trademarks. 


  1. All Scorpion EXO and trademarked products are covered by the policy. 
  2. Brands, Marks, Trademarks, Names and Logos affected by this policy shall not be advertised in any retail media print, video, electronic, or otherwise, at prices below Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP)
  3. Co-branded products must follow the Scorpion EXO MSRP policy. 
  4. The price policy is in effect only as it relates to current Scorpion EXO products (inclusive of but not limited to all previously stated divisions). Products we promote as non-current or closeouts or otherwise specifically exclude are not affected by this advertising policy. However, any additional discounting of non-current products must indicate the product is non-current or a closeout product in such advertisement.
  5. Third party internet sites, such as, but not limited to and, are NOT allowed for the sale and/or advertising of Scorpion EXO products. Minimum stated bids on eBay listings are required and must comply with the MSRP advertising policy.   
  6. Any and all online seller names and aliases must be on file with your Scorpion EXO dealer account.
  7. Advertising the covered products in a way that offers or implies a price below or discount greater than MSRP is a violation of the advertising policy.  Such as, but not limited to “Make Offer”, “Store Cash”, “Rebates”, “Cash Back”, “Instant Cash.”
  8. Advertising packages, which contain covered and non-covered items should not result in deeply discounted non-covered items, which in effect discount covered brands beyond MSRP. 

Verified violations of the above Retail Advertising Policy for the covered brands referenced will be addressed in the following manner.  

First Violation: Dealer will receive written and/or verbal warning. Internet advertising will be given 24 hours to make the proper corrective changes. If the violation is not corrected within 24 hours, this becomes the second violation. 

Second Violation: Dealer will lose the right to purchase and use trademarked brand names, logos and images in any advertising with regards to all Scorpion EXO. products. Reinstatement will be determined at the discretion of Scorpion EXO.  

Third Violation: Dealer will lose the right to purchase and use trademarked brand names, logos and images in any advertising with regard to all Scorpion EXO products for a period of no less than 6 months with reinstatement at the discretion of Scorpion EXO. 

Scorpion EXO reserves the right to amend this policy on an ongoing basis, as it deems necessary. 


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