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Wilwood Engineering designs and manufactures high-performance disc brake systems. Since the company’s inception in 1977 by Bill Wood, we have developed a substantial matrix of brake components and engineering techniques that allow us to quickly and reliably create brake systems for almost any application. Our core ability is the rapid development of custom engineered brake systems using a combination of off-the-shelf and custom components. In addition to designing and manufacturing brakes for all types of competitive motorsports, Wilwood also manufactures brake systems and components for agricultural equipment, industrial applications, utility vehicles, snowmobiles, quads, motorcycles and military vehicles.


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Effective Date: July 1st 2023

We have unilaterally established this minimum advertised price (“MAP”) Policy in order to maintain a fair marketplace for our Wilwood® brand products and to discourage price-based advertising of these products that is detrimental to customer service and support efforts. This MAP Policy applies to all customers who buy Wilwood® brand products either from us or from our direct customers. This bulletin explains the terms and conditions of our MAP Policy.

  • Wilwood’s minimum advertised price policy is applicable to each reseller located in North America that sells any or all Wilwood Products. This applies to all types of advertising in North America.
  • Shipping costs may not be included in the price of an item to equal MAP.
  • Marketplace Site searches/feeds must comply with MAP policy at all times.
  • Auction Sites – Wilwood has a “Zero Tolerance” policy in regards to violations on any auction sites and will use whatever means necessary to have listings removed immediately.
  • Any technology that displays or accepts pricing below MAP or discounts without “live” Human Interaction prior to checkout AND customer-specific information entered is a Violation of the Policy; this includes automated “Make an Offer” or “Add to Cart” technologies, which would not be permitted. A “Suggested Price,” “Offer Price,” “Lined out Price,” or discount percentage that results in a MAP violation cannot be displayed.
  • Discounts are approved in the way of “individual, unique, single-use” coupon codes only after customer-specific information has been entered during checkout. Any Coupon Codes that can be shared or publicly known are disallowed.
  • Vendor Agreements are subject to immediate cancellation for Violating Wilwood’s Policies.
  • Advertised Products must display the currency in which they are being sold/displayed. This Price/Currency should be clear and visible in the listing. Products sold in U.S. Dollars must be displayed at the U.S. MAP Price. Currency cannot change throughout the checkout process, and the final sale must be processed in the same currency at the advertised price.


MAP Purpose/Benefits

  • MAP has been designed to support legitimate distributors, as well as maintain the value and integrity of the Wilwood line.
  • All parties are on a level playing field to the consumer with identical advertised prices.
  • Customer Service and product availability become key differentiators as opposed to price.
  • Brand value is supported to all distributors and consumers.
  • Wilwood will Not Support any Product sold by a Reseller in Violation of our Policies.


MAP Noncompliance

  • We recognize that all our Wilwood sellers compete for market share. We feel our MAP Policy deters price and margin erosion at all levels, and our vigorous enforcement is paramount to maintaining our brand integrity.
  • Wilwood products are monitored by MAP Services Corporation and in partnership with Wilwood, help to enforce our Policy with a goal of 100% compliance.
  • We may discontinue doing business with any direct customer that advertises any covered products at a price lower than the MAP or that violates this MAP Policy in some other way, or that has knowledge of violations of this MAP Policy by a downstream reseller that it sells covered products to and ignores the violations. As we explain in this MAP Policy, we alone make all decisions pertaining to the enforcement of this MAP Policy.
  • Wilwood reserves the right to use all means necessary to enforce our MAP policy, including but not limited to price adjustment, marketing agreement adjustment, and discount structure adjustments with our distribution partners.


This MAP Policy is the unilateral decision of Wilwood Engineering. Wilwood will not discuss any conditions of acceptance related to this Policy. Wilwood senior management is the entity authorized to communicate MAP Policy updates, changes, and decisions regarding violations to this Policy. No other member of Wilwood, Authorized Distributors or Distributor Sales Representatives are authorized to modify or amend the MAP policy without written authorization from Wilwood.

Wilwood reserves the right to add, change, or delete the MAP Policy at its sole discretion. If you wish to be notified of any MAP Policy changes, or have any questions, please send a written request to mappolicy@wilwood.com.


  • Please do not confuse MAP with your selling price. Your selling price is at your discretion as you have the right to sell at whatever price you deem necessary. We at Wilwood simply desire an even playing field in the marketplace and respect for the Wilwood brand.

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