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Evaluation Of Warehouse Distributor Market

This post is for wholesale distributors.  There is a lot that goes into deciding to add a line.  One of the big decisions should be determining if the brand has decent control of its dealer distribution network.  If a manufacturer has no control over the distribution there is bound to be a race to the bottom as far as pricing is concerned.  This might leave you with a lot of inventory that you can not sell not to mention a huge waste of your time.

We have a program that will help you gain valuable market intelligence before you commit dollars to inventory.  We can verify a brand’s commitment to your success with a Market Evaluation. We can run reports and help you learn how well a brand controls its sales channels before you invest thousands of dollars in inventory only to find the landscape is not what you expected.

We will determine the high, low, and average price for each SKU throughout the online marketplaces.  We can also determine how broad the distribution base is currently.   You can say goodbye to the risk of dead inventory taking up shelf space and costing you dollars collecting dust. Inventory turns are the name of the game, make sure you’re stocking inventory that you can move at profitable prices.

If you are a brand looking to expand, and who isn’t, you can’t afford to skimp on your Minimum Advertised Price enforcement.  There are plenty of WDs and dealers who will not carry your line if they are worried about being stuck with inventory.  You might be successfully managing this yourself, but asked yourself this.  Wouldn’t your time be better spent getting sales?  If you allow us to be the “bad cop” you are free to grow your brand without the hassle of MAP enforcement.

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